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Welcome to
Your Internet Portal to build Pre-Disaster Relationships
(The most important thing that you can add to your emergency preparations)

R emember what happened when Hurricane Katrina made landfall on the Gulf Coast in August 2005. Tens of thousands of residents had no place or means to evacuate. According to the White House over 1,300 lives were lost, approximately 300,000 homes where uninhabitable and “of the 1.1 million people over the age of sixteen who evacuated in August 2005, approximately 500,000 of those evacuees had not returned home by late December.”

So where do you go if you don’t have family outside an evacuation area or can not stay with them for whatever reasons? Where do students and retirees, living on a tight budget go and how do they get out of harms way without having a car and without spending a small fortune? will give you the tools to find your Evacuation PartnerSM (EvacPartnerSM) and even form a car pool if you do not have transportation or need help with gas money.

Whether you live in upstate NY and are sick of Blizzards and weeklong power outages or you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you should have an EvacPartnerSM before a disaster strikes.

Imagine finding your way out by partnering up with another person who is willing to shelter you during an emergency and vice versa.

There is no reason to ride out the storm or freeze to death if you have an EvacPartnerSM in place! Simply go to your EvacPartnerSM in Florida when you see a Blizzard coming and return a week later (with a tan) when the power is restored and the streets are cleared.

Some People Worry, Others Prepare!

Unfortunately we have more than “just” severe weather as there are residents evacuating almost on a daily basis, whether it is due to storms, earthquakes, wildfires, floods or even man made disasters! is designed for everybody, even people with slow Internet connections and people who have no computer at all (everybody has access to the Internet via public libraries). We focus on functionality, speed, effectiveness, and user-friendliness!

Even if you have everything in place, take advantage of our free Emergency E-Mail Notification SystemSM (EENS) as phone circuits are usually overloaded during a state of emergency!

Please look around and set up a free account (it only takes 5 minutes) even if you think or hope you’ll never need it; maybe you will “just” be able to help a fellow citizen in need…


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